What is Multiple Sclerosis

MS Restart is about Multiple Sclerosis a demyelinating disease which attacks the myelin or fatty, protective sheath around the nerves of the Central Nervous System (CNS). The immune system mistakenly identifies the proteins in the myelin as foreign bodies and begins an autoimmune response.

So, what is Multiple Sclerosis in Layman terms?

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MS Restart Types of MS
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Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
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Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Due to the potential damage being inflicted on the Central Nervous System (CNS), the symptoms of MS can vary widely.
We have listed the most common symptoms and tried to explain the possible impact they may have of your wellness and lifestyle. See the Symptoms and Signs blog article for the full details.

MS Restart Common Symptoms

There are no normal symptoms of MS. Each person will have a unique set of symptoms, just as each person is unique.

Multiple Sclerosis Patient MS Restart
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Winter Weather
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MS Restart Unusual Symptoms

It is with some reluctance that the term unusual symptoms is used. Because if you have 

Breathing Problems or suffer the pain of MS Hug you will find them very pertinent.

The Sluggish Thinking of Brain Fog, while not painful, is a very real reminder of the brain damage going on in your cranium.
We all like to complain about the weather but, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a recognised mental health issue.

Your Support Team

You should assemble an essential support team. It is important that you have a team of medical specialists that not only know MS but, also know you and your personal situation.

This team should comprise your General Practitioner (GP), an MS Nurse and a neurologist.

You can also join your local MS Society to stay informed of the latest developments.

MS Support Team
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MS Restart Mobility Issues

Muscle weakness and balance problems can cause mobility issues with multiple sclerosis.

It may become necessary to use a walking aid, a wheelchair or a mobility scooter.

Autoimmune Disease

Multiple Sclerosis is considered to be an autoimmune disease although the exact action of the condition is uncertain.

MS is certainly a demyelinating condition where the immune system attacks the Central Nervous System (CNS).

Living with MS will require a number of lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.

Mobility Scooter for the adventurous MSer
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