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About Stephen Walker

Who is Stephen Walker?

He was educated at Newbridge Primary School and Currie High School. Some further education was undergone at Telford College and Napier College.

The author of this blog was born in 1958 at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland.

About Stephen Walker Places of Employment

Post Office Telecommunications. This is the company that would become Britsh Telecom and finally BT. Stephen completed a three-year apprenticeship successfully. Work continued in the telecommunications field for a year before being attracted away by the lure of the music business.

Life on the road as a roadie and sound engineer was eventful and great fun. We toured around the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Germany. It cannot be described as a period of employment because I was unpaid. We got expenses and our moment of glory in the Spotlight.

GEC Reliance provided employment after I decided it was time to settle down again. Reliance provided industrial timeclocks and PABX phone systems. As a field engineer, I was based, initially, in Edinburgh and then for a couple of years in Fife.

Marconi Underwater Systems (MUSL)a defence systems contractor. I was involved in the guidance systems for the Stingray torpedo. A very challenging role, where I was responsible for designing and building an automated test system for the guidance-computer circuit boards.

DCM/DataServ A short-lived spell of employment. I worked in their workshop repairing the original IBM PC. The company became involved in some dubious commercial activities and were bought by a firm of asset-strippers from London. The chaos that followed led me and my fellow senior engineer to question the management of the company. We had a huge argument with the M.D and lost. We were dismissed forthwith!

About Stephen Walker Life in Computers

Sun Microsystems were a high-end computing company. I was employed as a temp for three months. I managed to stay for two years and was offered full-time employment if I was willing to relocate to Maastricht. We had just bought a house in Lochgelly, so I was in no hurry to move to Holland.

Information Technology (Systems) Limited This is the job that kept me employed for the longest period of any job. The staff st IT Solutions were a great crowd and we had quite a few memorable Christmas parties over the years.

Although I began as a field engineer, I finished my stint at IT Solutions as the Scottish Area Manager.

Visualisation of the MS Brain

About Stephen Walker Hobbies

I have jumped from one hobby to the next with dreadful monotony. But, the one activity that has really shaped my life was sailing.

  • Skiing
  • Model Railways
  • Music (Playing, Sound Engineering)
  • Mirror Dinghy Sailing
  • E-Boat Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Water Skiing
  • Web Design
  • Blogging

Skiing my father used to drag us, my sisters and I, off to Glenshee or Aviemore every available weekend. I loved it. Although one weekend caused my first MS symptom, although nobody knew this at the time.

Model Railways This was a fascination that stemmed from my father’s interest. When I was a child, my father had a ‘OO’ gauge model railway in the loft. My own interest was for ‘N’ gauge. The smaller scale than the ‘OO’ gauge. I even set up a mail-order business for my own electronic railway kits. This was successful until I ran into some cash flow problems.

Music, Unfortunately, I never made it as a guitarist. It transpired that my gift was more on the technical side. I became a roadie working for a number of bands in Edinburgh. I ended up as a sound engineer for Brodie, Rosetta Stone and The Cadets.

Mirror Dinghy Sailing was another interest I inherited from my father. My father and I raced the ubiquitous Mirror Dinghy for many years with a reasonable amount of success. We were the Scottish Champions for several years and finished honourably in both the National Championship and the European Championship.

E-Boat Sailing was down to a fortuitous accident with the Mirror Dinghy. An E-Boat crew were looking for a helmsman and our Mirror Dinghy had just been written-off in a Winter Storm.

Windsurfing became an all-consuming passion for a few years until I developed MS. Again I had some competitive success but, nothing too remarkable.

Other Interest

Scuba Diving was a holiday interest. We had been on holiday in the Dominican Republic and I couldn’t refuse the chance of swimming in the Caribbean.

Water Skiing was another holiday pursuit. We had won a weekend break to the Old England Hotel in Windermere. My only claim to success was thet I was able to ski successfully at my first attempt.

Web Design was more of a hobby than a business although I did entertain that thought for a while. This was in the 1990s when the Internet was still very new and I only had a dial-up connection.

Blogging has been a riveting interest for many years. My first blog was a homegrown HTML Web site at a time when I hadn’t even heard of WordPress.

In Summary

The realisation that I am an engineer.

  • Telephone Engineer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Computer Engineer

This sums up my life until now. I have three children, three boys, who are all adults now. My eldest son has given me two adorable grandchildren. I have been married twice, moved house at least 10 times.

I am now retired from full-time employment, as I have been for too many years. MS forced me to give up work around 2010.

Blogging now occupies my time on most days, especially during the winter. Finding ways of mitigating the worst effects of MS also occupies the rest of my time.

Blogging is superbly cathartic because learning all about using WordPress, Pinterest and all other social media platforms provide the brain stimulation I need to contend with the brain fog of multiple sclerosis.