I originally wrote about colloidal silver after I read the very positive report given by Nancy Delise.

Unfortunately, Nancy Delise is no longer with us. She passed away, a few years ago.

Her original article no longer appears to be available online. But, she was convinced that after taking the silver supplement for two years, all of her MS symptoms disappeared, She attributed her newfound health, wholly, to the silver supplement.

As part of my routine management of this blog, I have decided to renew my research into the subject of colloidal silver.

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Colloidal Silver Research

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To begin with, my early research had found an article that claimed:

  • Silver has no known function in the human body
  • Silver is not an essential mineral supplement or a cure-all, and should not be promoted as such.
  • Claims that there can be a “deficiency” of silver in the body and that such deficiency can lead to disease are unfounded.
  • Claims made about the effectiveness of colloidal silver products for numerous diseases are unsupported scientifically.
  • Silver products can have serious side-effects.

The proponents of this silver supplement believe it to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and to have preventative qualities against infections. It was in common use up until 1938, and many may remember their grandparents placing a silver dollar in milk to prolong its freshness.

Colloidal Silver may be taken orally or as a nasal spray. It may also be applied to cuts, grazes and open sores as an antiseptic

However, I must confess to not having tried this possible multiple sclerosis treatment myself. Nevertheless, I am usually game to volunteer myself, as a guinea pig, for any new treatment.

I can appreciate that it may be beneficial but, like so many other multiple sclerosis treatments, there will be drawbacks. It is a question of balancing the pros with the cons and establishing the facts to your own satisfaction.

So, I shall refresh my findings and lay these out for your perusal, so that you might be able to come to your own decision.

Commercial View

This is the view of “Higher Nature” a seller, promoting the use of silver as a dietary supplement.

The benefits of Silver have been appreciated for many centuries and it has been long prized for its protective qualities.

The phrase “born with a silver spoon in the mouth” comes from the use of silver cutlery and utensils.

Babies fed with silver spoons in the 18th century were believed to be healthier than those fed with utensils made with other materials,

Whilst nobility frequently ate with silver cutlery and drank from silver tankards, because it was thought to prolong life expectancy.

The use of silver as an anti-microbial agent actually began many years before. The English nobility insisted on using silver cutlery.

Herodotus, the “Father of History”, recounted that no Persian king, including Cirrus, would drink water that was not transported in silver containers.

During the early pioneer days in North America, it was common practice to drop silver coins into the transport vessel to preserve water.

NIH View

Colloidal silver is made up from tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid. Colloidal silver is promoted on the Internet as a dietary supplement.

However, no supporting evidence of the health benefits is documented. In fact, taking silver orally can be detrimental to your health,

Silver can cause serious side-effects.Skin discolouration known as argryria is the most common.

It is also possible that silver can prevent the correct absorption of certain antibiotics like thyroxine used to treat thyroid problems.

The FDA has taken action against a number of companies for making misleading claims about silver prodcts.

Argyria results from a build-up of silver in body tissues. This can give bluish-grey discolouration to large areas of skin exposed to the sun.

No scientific evidence supports the use of silver as a dietary supplement for any disease or condition.

Silver or other unproven complementary products should never be used to replace conventional medications.

Mayo Clini View of Colloidal Silver

Silver has not been proven safe or effective for any health condition. Nor does silver have any purpose in the body. It is not an essential mineral despite manufacturer claims to the contrary.

Colloidal silver products are made of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid. This is exactly  the same type of precious metal used in jewellery,, dental fillings, silverware and other consumer goods.

Colloidal silver manufacturers of claim that their products are a panacea. They can boost the immune system and counteract viral and bacterial infection. They can treat cancer, HIV/AIDS, shingles, herpes and prostatitis.

However, these claims are bunkum! No scientific studies into these claims have ever been published in any reputable medical journal.

It is possible for excessive doses to cause irreversible damage to the kidneys and brain.

WebMD Warning

Colloidal silver is a mineral that has no known function in the human body. Colloidal silver supplement used to be available over-the-counter but, the US Food and Drug administration has ruled these products unsafe.

There are currently no FDA-approved colloidal silver products available at any drug store.

However, colloidal silver homoeopathic remedies and dietary supplements are still available.

Colloidal silver can kill certain germs by binding to and destroying proteins.

But, colloidal silver is not safe when:

  • Taken by mouth
  • Applied to the skin
  • Given intravenously

Colloidal silver can be particularly hazardous to pregnant women or breast-feeding mums.. The colloidal silver cab cross the placenta endangering the unborn child.

Colloidal silver might decrease how much antibiotic the body absorbs. preventing the correct antibiotic function.


The independent medical advice would seem to be strongly against the use of colloidal silver. I offer no opinion on the merits or dangers of using colloidal silver.

However, it is very unlikely that I will try this possible treatment for my MS symptoms.

I have had success in managing my MS symptoms by adjusting my diet in accordance with the Wahls Protocol. Diet is a far more efficacious treatment than dubious precious metal claims.

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Commercial View
Mayo Clinic View
WebMD Warning

A lot of work has gone into bringing you this post. We hope you found it interesting and informative. If you have a question, please ask it in the comments at the foot of this post.

If you don’t have a question you can use the comment to say “Hi”. If you have MS – stay strong and follow the warrior code.

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