Are you being overwhelmed by Gut Brain Connection

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Are you being overwhelmed by multiple sclerosis, or are you being overwhelmed by gut brain connection which might be affecting your mental health?

The gut is a two-layer organ, the epithelial layer, which covers the entire length of the small intestine, and the mesenteric layer, where we encounter the visceral layer. Gluten, casein, lactose and sugar all affect the gut microbes; again this has a profound influence on the health and function of the gut-brain axis.

Is paresthesia in multiple sclerosis common?

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If you have Multiple Sclerosis you will need to become familiar with terms such as paresthesia or numbness in the hands and face.

Paresthesia is the clinical name given to unusual sensations of the extremities. A burning or prickling sensation is felt in the hands, forearms, legs or feet. Occasionally, paresthesia will be felt as numbness or skin crawling in the face or scalp.

Intermittent Fasting can Rebuild the Immune System

Intermittent Fasting Featured

The science, currently, behind intermittent fasting is very convincing. The idea of ageing well with a rejuvinated immune system is magnetic.

A few years ago, a study was published and it claimed that a 3-day fast can, essentially, reset the immune system. Possible benefits could include better cardiovascular health, greater endurance, lower blood pressure, and diminished inflammation.